Saturday Check-In

Hey guys!!! I hope that your 4th of July weekend is going great :) I know some places will be having fireworks tonight. We went to see fireworks yesterday. It was wonderful. This is going to be a quick check in because honestly I’m too lazy to load pictures (Just keeping it real!!!)

My eating over the past week has been mixed. I have faired pretty well calorie wise. I went over on Wednesday night, and I know I am going to end the night over. I have been eating more sweets this week. I have just been craving chocolate almost everyday, and I have been giving in. So Thursday it was a chocolate brownie, Friday a Toll House Cookie Ice-cream Sandwich, and this morning Dunkin Donuts. So yeah, I have been indulging a bit.

To be honest I don’t have any regrets. I really enjoyed this week, but I am ready to get back focused on eating healthy. So I have made a deal with myself that for the next three days, I will not eat any sweets. Three days seems to do the trick…lol.

Anyway, I am going to get off here and watch some King of The Hill:) Keep safe this weekend:)

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  1. Kerstin says:

    Hope you had a great July 4th weekend, Leslie! I am finally caught up with my blog list, saved the best for last, you! :) I think I need to work out a schedule for my blog reading because I hate falling behind and not leaving comments as a result. Anyway, hope your sugar free days are going well, today I saw someone call it their kryptonite and that is certainly true for many of us, isn’t it? I’ll email you re skyping. xo

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