Be Brave: Take A Nap

The past few days I have done something that in the past I would have felt tremendously guilty about….I have taken naps!!! My husband and I had a deal when my job ended. We had deal that I would work the same hours that he worked, but just at home. It was not a rule he set, but actually an accountability goal that I set for myself. I had tried the trying to start a business thing before, and I wasn’t great at organizing my time. The rule worked wonderfully for me, or at least I thought it did. But lately I have just realized that I spend a lot of non-productive time in my time. Time when I will be staring at the computer screen, or having to constantly refocus myself. Then last week I kept having problems with my shoulders and arms. I think part of it has been from sitting to long. I noticed that pretty much every day I would be productive in the morning, but exhausted by afternoon. It was a fight to stay awake, but I wanted to stick to the rule.

Finally this week I gave in, and I have been napping from about 3:30 pm till sometimes as late as 6:30 pm. What I have found is that I wake up feeling rested, enjoy time with my husband, and then I have this highly productive time from about 9:00pm until 12:00pm. I am also not hurting as badly. Of course I know that this doesn’t work for everybody’s schedule, but I think the point is to really learn what works for you. I think I get into this idea of a certain way I need to lead my life, and I am just really trying to try new things and see what makes me the most productive. I loved this talk by the creator of the Huffington Post. I thought she brought up some really good points about productivity and sleep.

My body needs a lot of sleep, and I realize now that I need to honor that. I think that is such an important part of adopting an overall healthy lifestyle. I believe each time we honor our bodies, we are being Brave!!! When we are well rested, we can be more open to new ideas, make decisions better, and handle resistance more easily.

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  1. Kyra says:

    I think naps are really looked down on. I feel guilty every time I take one even if I feel so much better. It’s like I’m missing out on life… but I’m not. I have nap issues.

  2. Farah says:

    I LOVE my naps, although I don’t get as many as I like/need!

    I try to lay down for at least 15 minutes in the late afternoon, while nursing baby. It gives me a great excuse to rest!

  3. Amy Bickmore says:

    I too love me a good nap!

    I got myself into the habit of laying down in the afternoon when I was pregnant with my second child. Since then, come 1 pm…I am ready for a nap. Now, I work 4 days a week, so it’s not an option, but on Wednesdays when I am off, I either curl up on the couch or in bed. The kids now know mommy is going for a little rest and just play quietly for a bit. I could stay in bed all afternoon, but I never really wake up when I get out of bed. The good thing about afternoon naps? I’m not eating instead!

  4. Kerstin says:

    I LOVE naps! Although really long ones don’t leave me as rested as they seem to do for you, I often feel kind of jet lagged after a 2- or 3-hour nap. Power naps seen to work better for me. I am currently not working (for the first time in 30+ years!) and like you I am still trying to figure out the best routine for my day. I have also set myself a rule of working ‘normal’ office hours and I am making a point of getting up early, like REALLY early. That helps a lot and is a lot easier than I ever expected, much to my surprise because I am a night owl thru and thru. Since you have your own business it makes a lot if sense to follow your body’s rhythm and needs. And once you have clients from all over the world the flexibility of your time will be an asset. Well, 11 pm over here, time for bed, tomorrow is another early start :)

    • Avatar of LeslieT35
      LeslieT35 says:

      I am just now really embracing being able to adjust my own schedule. My husband and I just made the decision that we were going to do what it takes so that I can stay home another year, and work on our business. So now, for some reason, I finally feel like it is real. Enjoy your early start :)

  5. Less says:

    Oh man, you’re making me tired. lol. I want a nap now.

    That;s great that you can be productive in the evenings. I’m a night person too.

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