Motivational Monday: A Year in Reflection

I’m a bit of a sentimental girl. This month is full of a lot of little milestones and anniversaries for me. Tomorrow it will have been a year since my husband and I were told that the place we were working at was sending our jobs overseas. I had spent the previous six months stressed out beyond belief about this job, and worrying that I was going to get walked out. For me that moment was a monumental wake up call!!!! I looked at my life and I didn’t like what I saw (minus my wonderful husband:)).

I was morbidly obese, no solid career, extremely in debt, and afraid that I would never get to have the family that my husband and I desperately wanted. I felt like I was just being pulled through life instead of directing my own life. Suddenly I just knew that I could no longer continue living my life the way that I was living it.

I made a promise to myself around that time that even if I never got to an idea body weight, that I was no longer going to let myself do nothing. I started asking myself a powerful question that I continue to ask myself today, and that was “What am I willing to do today?”

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Those pictures were taken in July and August of last year.

Before pictures

This picture was taken in October, and the pictures below were taken more recently.


The biggest changes I notice physically are in my stomach and my face, but the real changes over the past 12 months have happened in other ways. Here are some of the changes that I have made over the past year.

1.) I have come to love my body exactly at the size it is, and have come to appreciate all that my body can do.
2.)I started counting calories and I now count calories even on my not so great days.
3.) I don’t want to say “give up”, but I have greatly reduced (almost eliminated) sodas (including diet). I also eat a lot healthier overall. (lots more veggies)
4.) I have gone from having to sit down in the kitchen to make a meal to being able to stand in the kitchen for longer periods of time.
5.) I have gone from sitting in the car, while my husband ran in stores, to being able to go in with him.
6.) I started pursing my life coaching certification, and started my coaching business. I now get to help others achieve their dreams!!!!
7.) I have gone from 511 pounds to my last weigh in weight of 419 pounds (8 pounds away from 100)
8.) I have gone from a size 6x-7x in clothes to a size 3x.
9.) I have gone from hardly exercising to completing 4 virtual 5k’s.
10.) I have learned to work through a lot of resistance in regards to food, life, and success. I have pushed myself to be Brave and step out of my comfort zone.
11.) I stopped being ashamed of who I am, and I started sharing with the world my experiences.

I know there is a lot more, and I say all this not to brag. I know a lot of you have accomplished so much yourself. I say all this to say that anything is possible. This is the first time in my life that I have decided to make changes in my life and one year later I am still going strong. That just has never happened for me.

This year has taught me a lot about change. And the most powerful thing that it has taught me is that change begins with just one small step. It doesn’t have to be some giant change. It can start with asking yourself, “What am I willing to do today?”. We all can do one thing today to work towards what we really want. That is all it took for me, and I can’t wait to see where I will be this time next year.

I hope you guys have a great Monday!!! Thank you so much to all the people that read my blog, comment, and encourage. You guys have stood by me through this entire year, and it means the world to me. I genuinely love you guys :)


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    • Avatar of LeslieT35
      LeslieT35 says:

      For the both us:) Thanks for always being so real and genuine on your blog. It keeps me inspired. Sometimes I don’t always have anything great to comment, but I just enjoy reading your posts.

  1. Betty Taylor says:

    You are an amazing woman! You are going to be a motivation to so many people. It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen quickly, but you are making life changes that will be around forever. Weight is a part of it, but loving yourself is the most important part.

    • Avatar of LeslieT35
      LeslieT35 says:


      Thank you!!! I appreciate all of your encouragement. It meant so much that you took the time when I first started blogging to introduce me to readers:)

  2. Erin says:

    Awesome Leslie! Wow, what a difference a year makes! I am looking forward to seeing what you accomplish this next year because obviously you are unstoppable once you make up your mind! Congratulations!

    • Avatar of LeslieT35
      LeslieT35 says:


      Thank you for being such an encouragement to me. I was thinking about you today, and how much you helped me to stay focused. You are an awesome coach and a great friend.


  3. Kerstin says:

    Leslie, of all the posts I’ve read so far this is my favorite! You have achieved so much in that one year and reading all your accomplishments made me feel so proud and inspired. It’s like you are shedding all these layers, both physically and mentally, and I am in awe of the fierce spirit I sense beneath it all. And what you say about wanting to direct your own life rather than being pulled through it, totally resonates with me. People often say to me “but you’ve done so much in your life” without understanding that most of the time this is me reacting to things and going with the flow, rather than determining my own direction. I have no regrets because I’ve had some wonderful experiences this way but I am so ready to be the driver of my own life. Anyway, this is not about me but you and your amazing journey. So glad and honored to be a witness and friend. xo

    • Avatar of LeslieT35
      LeslieT35 says:


      I am glad that you shared that. I think that is why you and I both connect with each other. It is an amazing feeling when you start genuinely making choices in regards to what you want in your life. I am so excited to see where the year takes both of us :)


    • Avatar of LeslieT35
      LeslieT35 says:

      Thank you Kyra!! You probably don’t know this, but there are so many times I think about things that you have shared in your blog or to me in comments. I think you have always inspired me to “be real” about this journey.


  4. Launna says:

    I think it is so wonderful that you lost almost 100 pounds… what is great is you made the change… it’s not easy. I’ve lost 80 … maintaining the loss is harder than losing it… keep up the amazing work ♡

    • Avatar of LeslieT35
      LeslieT35 says:


      You know I think for once I get what you mean when you say maintaining is harder than losing it. I think it is because I finally realize that there is not getting off this plan. Eventually my goal will be to simply maintain, and that is why I am trying to make really realistic changes. I still have more work to do, but I know we can do this. Congrats on 80 pounds!!!

  5. Anna says:

    Oh my goodness – your post almost made me cry. That is such an amazing testimony of what we can do in our lives when we put on a positive attitude and do the work. It doesn’t have to be done all at once. I had a friend who converted a barn to a house and she just made a habit of doing one thing a day and her dream happened. Looking forward to seeing what the next year brings :)

    • Avatar of LeslieT35
      LeslieT35 says:

      thank you!!! I keep telling myself that now that I am working on other areas of my life. Sometimes everything seems like a big mountain, but just got to begin climbing.

  6. Dot says:

    Wow Leslie that is a lot of things accomplished in one year. If I were grading you it would be an A+ with lots of gold stars. I love how all the positive things out weigh the negative by so much. Thank you for deciding to share and let your readers enjoy your success. Can’t wait to read more good things. With the great start you have I am sure you will reach all your goals.

  7. annamarie0320 says:

    Such wonderful achievements. You should be mighty proud of yourself as is everyone including me.
    Wow, sometimes it doesn’t even seem it has been a full year. Wishing you even more success for the upcoming year.
    Many hugs

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