Happy 4th of July Weekend

Hey guys!!! My husband ended up only working an hour yesterday. I was so happy that he got off the extra time :) For some reason though him getting off an extra day totally threw me off mentally in regards to what I wanted to get accomplished for the week. Plus there were all these little challenges with getting my JIU work in. Oh well, thus is life. I think after last night though I am officially ready for a computer break. I am going to take a break tomorrow for the 4th July, and I will post again on Saturday.

I totally went over my calories yesterday, and you know I could just feel myself wanting to fall back into the old Leslie routine of saying, “Oh, I will start again after the holiday weekend!!!” Yeah, so not going to happen!!! I am so tired of gaining a few pounds and then losing them back. Don’t get me wrong, I know eventually maintenance will look a little something like that. But for right now, I am so ready to get this weight off. I want to feel like a 35/36 year old woman instead of having to rest all the time. So this morning I vowed to being even more conscious of what is going into my mouth over the next few days. I want to reach my goal to be at 350 pounds by the end of the year.

Today we are going to do some window shopping- which lately seems to always motivate! Then tomorrow we are going to go see some fireworks. I love fireworks. They just leave me in aww!!!

I really hope you guys have a great 4th of July weekend!! You know I use to think that without being able to eat whatever I wanted, holidays couldn’t be enjoyed. Each holiday seemed like a huge obstacle, and because I was so fixated on the food, I never really enjoyed the day anyway. It was this whole guilt cycle. Tomorrow we probably won’t be around hamburgers, hotdogs, and all that. We are going to probably just eat at home, but there is always that feeling like you need to celebrate with food on the holidays. I just have to remind myself that most foods can be enjoyed year around, so there is no need to feel like I need to overindulge on any given day. Thinking that really helps me keep it in perspective.

Talk to you guys soon :)


  1. Kerstin says:

    Love your attitude, Leslie! This is how you win the war, eventually. And let there be no doubt, there will lots of lost battles in the middle (like bing days) but also lots of victories (like an overall downward trend on the scales and all the non-scale victories). Not being able to overindulge during a holiday used to depress me no ends. Now I just try to focus on eating something tasty AND healthy, tomorrow for instance we will have burgers but I am baking the buns myself and there will be fresh topping and a lovely green salad. Hope you had a great time off the computer, I always like to spend time in the ‘real’ world but I often get overwhelmed when I return because there is so much catching up to do. Happy 4th of July! xo

  2. Betty Taylor says:

    Happy 4th!! I usually try to make the focus of holidays about people. I love getting the chance to see people I may not see routinely. I try to spend time talking to people and not doing the munching stuff.

    When everyone else is eating it can be difficult but it is doable.

  3. Lindsay | Broke and Bougie says:

    great perspective- I”m the same way in feeling that eating is a part of celebrating. I usually make a tray of healthy turkey burgers and bring some healthy sides with me to share at cookouts so I’m not tempted by the bad food!

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